Wind and Brass in Class – Volume II

Andreas Simbeni


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Alto saxophone, Bar games, Bassoon, Bassoon, Bb tuba 4 valves, Bb-Tuba 3 Venitle, Clarinet in Bb Boehm system, Clarinet in Bb German system, Clarinet in C, Euphonium B.C. 3 valves, Euphonium B.C. 4 valves, F-Tuba 3 Venitle, F-Tuba 4 valves, French oboe, Horn in Bb, Horn in F, Quint bassoon, Snare drum, Soprano saxophone, Teacher's guide, Tenor horn T.C. 3 valves, Tenor horn T.C. 4 valves, Tenor saxophone, Transverse flute, Trombone, Trumpet, Viennese oboe


Single copy, Teacher's guide


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In “Wind and Brass in Class – Band II”, Andreas Simbeni continues his vision of using music as a means of promoting social skills and building an inclusive community. This second volume of the Schulwerk offers an extended range of musical pieces and exercises specifically designed to enrich and diversify the learning experience in the wind classroom.

Through the carefully selected arrangements and methodical approaches, “Band II” not only promotes musical skills such as the ability to concentrate, perseverance and memory, but also places particular emphasis on the development of teamwork, consideration and mutual support among the pupils. Simbeni’s approach aims to create a positive learning atmosphere in which every student, regardless of their social background or previous musical knowledge, is encouraged to do their best and bring their individual skills to the ensemble.

This school work is not only a resource for wind class leaders, but also a contribution to the cultural enrichment of the region, the promotion of young talent for music clubs and choirs and the development of future concert audiences. “Wind and Brass in Class – Band II” emphasizes the belief that group music making can positively impact students’ lives and foster a lifelong appreciation for music and community.

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