Children of the sun and their big friends

Andreas Simbeni


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“Sonnenkinder und ihre großen Freunde”, composed by Andreas Simbeni, is a groundbreaking work that combines the flourishing world of wind classes with the experience of an established wind orchestra. This piece reflects the concerto grosso form of the Baroque period, with the wind class in the role of soloist ensemble, surrounded by the sonorous colors of a full orchestra.

Andreas Simbeni has created a composition that harmonizes the energetic dynamics of the young musicians with the musical maturity of the orchestra. The score is designed to meet the requirements of beginners as well as the abilities of experienced musicians. It provides an excellent platform for young musicians to showcase their skills and benefit from the support and sound of the full orchestra.

The work consists of a rich part index covering each section of the orchestra and offers a variety of roles for players of different skill levels. The arrangement is flexible, the more advanced voices can support the younger players, which encourages collaboration and learning together.

For music clubs, “Sonnenkinder und ihre großen Freunde” is a fabulous opportunity to showcase both their commitment to music education and their talent in a performance that unites all generations of musicians. This piece is ideal for concerts and events where young and experienced musicians perform together and delight the audience with a performance that is both educational and musically compelling.

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