Wind and Brass in Class – Volume I

Andreas Simbeni


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Alto saxophone, Bar games, Bassoon, Bassoon, Bb tuba 4 valves, Bb-Tuba 3 Venitle, Clarinet in Bb Boehm system, Clarinet in Bb German system, Clarinet in C, Euphonium B.C. 3 valves, Euphonium B.C. 4 valves, F-Tuba 3 Venitle, F-Tuba 4 valves, French oboe, Horn in Bb, Horn in F, Quint bassoon, Snare drum, Soprano saxophone, Teacher's guide, Tenor horn T.C. 3 valves, Tenor horn T.C. 4 valves, Tenor saxophone, Transverse flute, Trombone, Trumpet, Viennese oboe


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“Wind and Brass in Class – Band I” by Andreas Simbeni represents a new approach to musical education within the wind class. This school work is not just a collection of arrangements, but an educational initiative that aims to open up the world of music-making to pupils from different social backgrounds and with different talents.

Simbeni sees music as a social project and focuses on the communal goal, which enriches the learning atmosphere and promotes non-aggressive cooperation. This work is intended to develop skills such as concentration, perseverance and goal-oriented group work. It is aimed at wind class leaders and music teachers who work with primary school classes and supports the idea that making music in an orchestra can strengthen social and musical skills in equal measure.

“Wind and Brass in Class – Volume I” is therefore much more than a textbook – it is a guide to making music in a group that enriches not only the students but also the cultural life of a region. It helps to educate the concert audience of tomorrow and creates a bridge between pupils and the world of music, which has a lasting positive influence on their development and their interaction with each other.

The transverse flute
The oboe
The clarinet
The saxophone
The bassoon
The horn
The trumpet
The trombone
The tenor horn and the euphonium
The tuba
Your first five notes
The first sound
The second tone
The third tone
We play together
Let’s go
We come along cheerfully
The glow of the moon
The glow of the stars
Your fourth tone
Atte, katte kitten
Your fifth tone
Three small exercises
The class scale RAUF
The class scale DOWN
A wolf has fallen into a well
A fox has fallen into a well
A bear has fallen into a well
Seven days of rainy weather
Seven days of sunshine
Seven days of snow flurries
Anna has gone to rest
Birds have gone to rest
Dinos have gone to rest
Mary has a little lamb
Doris has a little horse
Maxi has a small house
The cat sleeps
The mouse sleeps
The dog sleeps
The bee is buzzing
The wasp buzzes
The bumblebee is buzzing
Little Hans
Mäxchen small
Franzi small
Fast, fast, fast
Chop, chop, chop
Trapp, trapp, trapp
Jonas and Pia
Michi and Magda
Otto and Lisa
I hear a little wolf howling
I see a little vixen creeping
I hear a bear grumbling
Sleep little child sleep
Anne Merike
Blackbird in a cherry tree
Vogerl in the Tannabam
Raven in the deep forest
Listen you people, let me tell you
Bunny sat in the pit
New sounds
Rode a train
Stripes, stripes, row
A little fat lady
All my ducklings
All my goslings
All my swans
Our cat is called Mohrle
On the wall, on the lookout
Thaler, thaler, you have to hike
The moon has risen
The moon that shines

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