The odyssey for happiness

Franz von Suppé

Andreas Simbeni


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“Die Irrfahrt um’s Glück” by Franz von Suppé, arranged for wind orchestra by Andreas Simbeni, is an impressive new arrangement of one of the Austrian composer’s most lively and expressive works. This arrangement transfers the dramatic intensity and musical sophistication of Suppé’s composition to the broad spectrum of the wind orchestra, creating a rich and multi-layered soundscape.

Simbeni’s arrangement preserves the dynamic structure and emotional content of the original, while skillfully utilizing the characteristic elements of the wind orchestra – from the lively woodwinds to the powerful brass and precise percussion. The score is designed to foreground the different sections of the orchestra, impressively emphasizing the narrative and musical themes of the piece.

This version of “Die Irrfahrt um’s Glück” is ideal for concerts and festive events. It offers a comprehensive musical experience that captivates both the performers and the audience with its complexity and emotional richness. The arrangement is particularly suitable for wind orchestras looking for a challenging and expressive piece that will showcase the skills and spirit of the ensemble.

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The odyssey for happiness

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