Technica Femina

Andreas Simbeni


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Andreas Simbeni’s “Technica Femina Fanfare” for wind orchestra is an impressive and meaningful composition that was created especially for the 100th anniversary of women’s studies at the Vienna University of Technology. In its two-minute duration, the fanfare recounts the challenges and triumphs women have experienced on their journey in academia, honoring their tireless struggle and success.

The composition is characterized by a lively and dynamic structure that symbolizes the difficult but successful career of women in higher education. The fanfare uses strong, determined motifs and impressive timbres, which are brought to life by the wind orchestra. The music is interspersed with many interjections that represent the various challenges and hurdles that women have encountered along the way.

This fanfare is not only a musical work, but also a symbol of progress and equality in academia. It is ideal for concerts and special occasions, especially those celebrating education, women in science and historical milestones. “Technica Femina Fanfare” offers wind orchestras an opportunity to be part of an important message and play a piece that has both historical significance and musical excellence.

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