Salute Regina

Tomas Luis de Victoria

Andreas Simbeni




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Andreas Simbeni’s arrangement of Tomás Luis de Victoria’s “Salve Regina” for a horn ensemble of six players is a careful and respectful adaptation that transfers the spiritual depth and polyphonic sophistication of Victoria’s music to the rich tonal spectrum of the horns. This arrangement preserves the emotional intensity and solemn mood of the original, while allowing the horns to interpret the musical lines and harmonic colors in new ways.

The use of six horns gives the arrangement a dynamic breadth of sound, ranging from gentle, whispering tones to powerful, sublime fortissimo passages. Each horn contributes to the overall structure of the piece in a unique way, taking on both solo and accompanying roles and creating a captivating interplay of melodies and harmonies.

Ideal for concerts, sacred events and contemplative moments, “Salve Regina” arranged for horns offers an extraordinary opportunity to experience a masterpiece of Renaissance music in a new light. This arrangement is an asset to any horn ensemble looking for a piece that both challenges the musicians’ technical skills and touches the audience with its spiritual beauty and emotional expression.

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