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“Sadness” by Andreas Simbeni for wind orchestra is a musical portrait that brings to life a scene in a smoky bar at night. This piece captures the multi-layered emotions of the bar patrons – from the lonely contemplator to the tightly entwined lovers who lose themselves in a final dance.

Simbeni’s composition is characterized by a rich spectrum of timbres that musically traces the sweet scents of perfume and nicotine as well as the moods of the various personalities in the room. The brass and woodwinds create an atmosphere of pensiveness and longing, while the subtle percussion rhythms underline the quiet conversations and restrained movements of the bar patrons.

Ideal for concerts and themed events, “Sadness” offers a captivating musical experience. The work is ideal for wind orchestras looking for a profound and atmospheric piece that transports the listener into a world of reflection and hidden passions.

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