Missa – Do it Peter

Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi

Andreas Simbeni




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Andreas Simbeni’s arrangement of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina’s “Missa Tu es Petrus” for 18 horns, organized in three choirs, is an extraordinary homage to one of the most important works of Renaissance polyphony. This innovative arrangement transposes Palestrina’s complex and spiritually charged music into the rich and varied sound spectrum of the horns, creating an extraordinary musical experience.

By dividing the work into three horn choirs, Simbeni succeeds in recreating the spatial and tonal dimension of Palestrina’s original choral music, while at the same time exploiting the unique timbres and dynamic possibilities of the horn. The interaction between the choirs creates a fascinating interplay of melodies and harmonies that transports the listener into a world of meditative beauty and tonal richness.

This arrangement is particularly suitable for large horn ensembles and special performances that want to thrill the audience with an impressive performance of Palestrina’s masterpiece. “Missa Tu es Petrus” arranged for horns offers a rare opportunity to explore the connection between Renaissance music and modern horn artistry and is an inspiring addition to the repertoire of ensembles looking for musical depth and challenge.

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