Maria Elisabeth Polka

Hans Christian Lumye

Andreas Simbeni


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Andreas Simbeni’s arrangement of Hans Christian Lumbye’s “Maria Elisabeth Polka” for wind orchestra is a homage to traditional dance music, wrapped in the powerful garb of a modern wind orchestra. This piece captures the cheerful and exuberant atmosphere of the polka and brings it to the stage with a fresh and dynamic approach.

The arrangement for wind orchestra gives the polka a new dimension, in which the woodwinds and brass together with the percussion bring the characteristic rhythms and melodies to life. Simbeni uses the variety of instruments to add color and depth, with special emphasis on preserving the playful lightness and dance-like quality of the original composition.

The “Maria Elisabeth Polka” is an excellent addition to the repertoire of wind orchestras looking for a piece that will delight both the musicians and the audience with its cheerful mood and rousing rhythm. It is perfect for festive concerts, gala events and any occasion where the joy of music takes center stage.

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