In the Hafenkneiepe

Andreas Simbeni


 25,00 57,00

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Things are rough and dangerous in the harbor pub on the Kay. Dark companions creep. and stare at each other until an argument suddenly flares up. But slowly the door opens and a woman enters the restaurant. The attention of the rough-legged guys glides to the door and the argument dies down. But just at the moment when she leaves the restaurant again the battle explodes anew.

Set of parts (black and white) (colored)
Flute, oboe (5) (5)
Soprano saxophone (2) (2)
Clarinet (5) (5)
Alto saxophone (4) (4)
Tenor saxophone (2) (2)
Bassoon (2) (2)
Quint bassoon (2) (2)
Horn F (3) (3)
Trumpet (5) (5)
Trombone, euphonium, bassoon (6) (6)
Tenor horn, bass clarinet (4) (4)
Tuba (2) (2)
Timpani (1) (1)
Snare drum (1) (1)
Bass drum (1) (1)

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