Cupid’s greeting

Johann Strauss (son)

Andreas Simbeni




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“Cupid’s Greeting” by Johann Strauss (son), arranged for brass quintet by Andreas Simbeni, is a charming and lively adaptation of the Polka francaise op. 83. This arrangement transforms the piece, originally composed for orchestra, into a work for a smaller, intimate ensemble while retaining the characteristic verve and lightness of Strauss’ music.

Simbeni’s new interpretation for brass quintet offers a unique perspective on Strauss’ work. The careful arrangement of the parts captures the essence of the polka and at the same time utilizes the full sound spectrum of the brass quintet. The lively melodies and rhythmic accents of the polka come into their own in this arrangement and ensure an entertaining and rousing musical experience.

Ideal for concerts, celebrations and other festive occasions, this arrangement is an excellent choice for ensembles wishing to present the repertoire of classical Viennese music in a contemporary context. “Cupid’s Greeting” not only offers a musical challenge for the musicians, but is also a crowd-puller that embodies the lightness and charm of the Viennese musical tradition.

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