12 chorales

Anton Bruckner

Andreas Simbeni


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Chamber music, Wind orchestra


Flexible staffing, Tuba Quartet


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The collection “12 Chorales by Anton Bruckner” presents a fascinating mixture of sacred and secular music that reflects the breadth and depth of Bruckner’s compositional talent. This carefully curated collection includes both meditative and celebratory works, ranging from the solitude of Jesus on the Mount of Olives to hymnal hymns.

The collection contains intimate prayers and homages that show the composer’s spiritual connection to his faith. It leads the listener through various liturgical acts such as purification rites and Eucharistic hymns, which demonstrate Bruckner’s ability to translate religious texts into sound.

In addition, the collection offers secular pieces that capture the beauty of nature and the patriotic spirit of the time. Special highlights are memorable organ compositions that demonstrate Bruckner’s mastery of the organ, as well as pieces that were composed especially for the Wagner tubas and thus possess a unique timbre and depth.

All in all, “12 Chorales by Anton Bruckner” is a collection that not only demonstrates Bruckner’s musical diversity and creativity, but also conveys a deep understanding of the emotional power of music. It is an indispensable part of any collection of classical choral music and a real treasure for any lover of Bruckner’s works.

  1. In monte Oliveti
  2. In St. Angelum custodem
  3. To you, Lord, I will surrender
  4. Asperge No. 1
  5. Asperge No. 2
  6. Renounce
  7. Pange lingua WAB 31
  8. The evening sky
  9. Perger Prelude
  10. Tantum ergo (B flat major) WAB 44
  11. Tantum ergo (D major) WAB 32
  12. The tribes of the land rule piously! from the cantata “Praise the Lord”

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