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"Musical magic unleashed - Andreas Simbeni, the conductor who touches hearts and makes emotions resound."

Andreas Simbeni was born in the Tyrolean mountains and discovered his passion for music at an early age. He began his training as a conductor at renowned conservatories and worked with well-known wind orchestras. Through his exceptional talent and dedicated work, he has become a much sought-after conductor, known for his charismatic presence and profound interpretations. His creativity, empathy and pursuit of artistic excellence make him a truly remarkable artist who pushes the boundaries of musical expression.

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My core competences


Musical interpretation

The conductor gives the music his own artistic interpretation by skilfully directing and shaping dynamics, expression and emotional depth.



A good conductor masters the art of communication to lead the orchestra and effectively convey his musical vision.

Technical skills

The conductor masters complex bar structures, scores and technical details in order to conduct the orchestra precisely and harmoniously.

Leadership skills

A conductor motivates and inspires the orchestra, creates a positive working atmosphere and encourages co-operation in order to bring out the best in every musician.